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Gov. Rick Perry and his gang graciously give the voulunteer firefighters 5 million of their budget BACK.

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Sept. 15, 2011

Lawmakers provide additional funding for volunteer fire departments

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Gov. Rick Perry, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and Texas House Speaker Joe Straus requested that Texas Forest Service expedite the distribution of $27 million for the Rural Volunteer Fire Department Assistance Program and made an additional $5 million available to pay for firefighting equipment and other expenses resulting from the unprecedented wildfire season this year.

“Due to the extreme drought conditions and destructive wildfires that have burned millions of acres across the State of Texas this year, we believe it is vitally important to provide volunteer fire departments with the critical resources they need to save lives and protect property when dangerous wildfires threaten their communities,” the three state leaders said in a letter sent Wednesday to the director of Texas Forest Service.

The funds will be administered by Texas Forest Service and distributed via grants to volunteer fire departments.  As directed, the grant applications will be screened to prioritize funding for volunteer fire departments hardest hit by this year’s wildfires.

“Volunteer firefighters are our first line of defense here in Texas so we’re thrilled to hear about the additional funding set aside for them and we are thankful to Gov. Perry, Lt. Governor Dewhurst, Speaker Straus and the Legislature for their continued support and leadership.  We’ll make these emergency grants a priority,” said Texas Forest Service Director Tom Boggus.

Texas Forest Service will be getting more information out to volunteer fire departments within the next few days.


How nice of him to give some of the firefighter’s budget back and call it some sort of relief.   It just goes to show that if you that if you steal food and starve the dogs, they are thankful when they are thrown scraps.

Polly feels like me.

TSA agents, cops arrested in drug trafficking case…

TSA agents, cops arrested in drug trafficking case…

Is this really a big surprise?!?!

Rick Perry’s Budget Leaves Texans In Bind Amidst Historic Wildfires

Rick Perry’s Budget Leaves Texans In Bind Amidst Historic Wildfires

Here is a perfect example of cutting funding to the wrong areas of the budget.


How can this man sleep at night?  What a soulless robot.

Farmageddon The Movie

I currently work on a farm in Texas.  This is a VERY real threat that more people should take note of!

The local farmers are under attack and our food supply is in serious danger.


Ron Paul’s #1 Message: Restore Liberty!

The media is ignoring him, but its not working!

Logic will prevail.  Someday…