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Gloves are OFF, I’m CALLING YOU OUT!

Eric Holder, I would like to start with you. You COMPLETELY lack a moral compass. You hire, support, guard, and protect child rapists, pedophiles, murders, political assassins, corporate assassins, kidnappers, drug traffickers, arms dealing wanna-be gangsters.

And to all of the alphabet soup faggots… The FBI, CIA, ATF, DHS, TSA…


You swim in blood, cum, tears, pain, terror, debt, and broken dreams. The more we suffer as citizens, the more you get off on your New Word Order. You harvest our organs, kill us mining your riches, tax us for buying into a false dreams, and then poison us.


I have nothing to live for anymore if this is how it’s going to be. I am the end branch of my family tree. I have decided not to bear children until this place we live in is worthy of fostering life. As I see it now, if I have a child now, I might as well just go put myself in a FEMA camp to ensure survival… Well, that aint happening, so….
Im joining the fight to defend the constitution and not let the service that both of my grandfathers gave to this country go to waste.

Come get me if you want, but I will not be quite any longer.


Farming with dynamite

Polly feels like me.

TSA agents, cops arrested in drug trafficking case…

TSA agents, cops arrested in drug trafficking case…

Is this really a big surprise?!?!

Rick Perry’s Budget Leaves Texans In Bind Amidst Historic Wildfires

Rick Perry’s Budget Leaves Texans In Bind Amidst Historic Wildfires

Here is a perfect example of cutting funding to the wrong areas of the budget.


How can this man sleep at night?  What a soulless robot.


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